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This beautiful chandelier is adorned with five peripheral lamps, it is also crowned and dressed with pendalogues with a clear ball underneath. In perfect condition, professionally rewired and tested. ...[full details]
Dimensions: Height - 26 inches {34 inches with chain and rose} Diameter - 18 inches
GIL Ref: 0452   Price: £925
A lovely pair of simple twin armed wall sconces. set with two lamps per sconce with daisy beaded pendalogues fitted to the arms and finished with a three armed tree of pendalogues above.

...[full details]
Dimensions: Height 12 inches - Depth 5 Inches - Width 10 inches
GIL Ref: 0409   Price: £285
An impressive and perfectly proportioned classic French chandelier. Featuring three tiers of crystal separated by glass stem breaks. There are three drops plus a further two winged drops to each of the ten arms. A beautiful chandelier, perfect for a dining room.

In superb condition with electric ...[full details]
Dimensions: Height 33 inches (without chain and ceiling rose) width 21 inches
GIL Ref: 0444   Price: £1975
This is a beautiful chandelier with a scrolling bronze coloured frame with two pendalogue tier rings above the base. Dressed with highly decorative polished pendalogues throughout.

All of our Chandeliers are electrically tested and in perfect condition.

For those who are unable to view in pe ...[full details]
Dimensions: Height (excluding chain and ceiling rose) 25 inches Diameter 17 inches
GIL Ref: 0380   Price: £835
Nice light and airy 4 lamp chandelier circa 1940. Fluted glass stem breaks with a mid tier and top crown, all dressed with original pendalogues. The arms are dressed with pendalogues half clear spheres and coffin drops. Again as with all our chandeliers completely overhauled and electrically tested. ...[full details]
Dimensions: Diameter 16.5 inches - Height 21.5 inches - Height with chain and ceiling rose 28.5 inches
GIL Ref: 0428   Price: £395.00
Dating from the late 1930’s early 40’s, this is a beautiful bronze chandelier with an abundance of hanging pendalogues and droplets. An extremely appealing piece with a centre poignard together with internal and external faceted spheres, Truly stunning.

...[full details]
Dimensions: Height 21.5 inches - Width 15.5 inches (excluding the original chain and ceiling rose)
GIL Ref: 0413   Price: £735
Circa 1930. An appealing and versatile French 8 Lamp Stem Chandelier with three tiers of pendalogues above the 8 base arms.
With fluted stem breaks, it is dressed with larger rosette mounted flat pendalogues, coffin drops and half clear pears with a clea ...[full details]
Dimensions: Height 24 inches (excluding chain & ceiling rose) Width 20.5 inches
GIL Ref: 0445   Price: £985
A beautiful 6 lamp chandelier dating from around 1930/40 dressed with fluted stem breaks, rosette mounted pendalogues and finished with a clear beaded ball underneath. Professionally restored and on display in our South Devon showroom. ...[full details]
Dimensions: Diameter 15 inches - Height 20 inches - Height with Chain and Ceiling Rose 36.5 inches
GIL Ref: 0424   Price: £685.00
Dating from around the 1930’s, we are very pleased to have this beautiful bronze cast chandelier in our showroom. Decorated with acanthus leaves and floral bobeches with two glass stem breaks and a crowned of tier of double cut pendalogues. complete with its original highly decorative chain an ...[full details]
Dimensions: Height 24 inches Width 24 inches (excluding chain & rose)
GIL Ref: 0403   Price: £735
A very pretty 5 arm chandelier dating from around 1930/40. The frame is nicely patronised and is adorned with with flat rosette mounted pendalogues. Perfectly restored to the original condition including all the wiring.

...[full details]
Dimensions: Diameter 15 inches - Height 20 inches - With chain and rose 34 inches
GIL Ref: 0425   Price: £655
Another very pretty French chandelier dating from the late 1930’s to early 40’s. This chandelier really sparkles, with two tier rings to the half stem and crown level. This is another very desirable chandelier currently on display in our showroom.

...[full details]
Dimensions: Height 22 inches - Width 16.5 inches (excluding the Chain and Rose)
GIL Ref: 0412   Price: £645
Dating from the early 20th century. This is a superb cage chandelier with eight peripheral lamps. It has clear spheres internally and underneath enhanced with a tiered waterfall inside. This very elegant chandelier is generously dressed with pendalogues and a fluted top crown ...[full details]
Dimensions: Height - 27 inches {36 inches with chain and rose} Diameter - 21.5 inches
GIL Ref: 0450   Price: £1465
This is a beautiful small chandelier with simple scrolled bronze frame, dressed with daisy strung pendalogues and delicately finished underneath with a faceted ball.

Rewired and tested with certificate ...[full details]
Dimensions: Height - 17 inches {27.5 with chain and rose} Diameter - 15 inches
GIL Ref: 0449   Price: £465
Believed to date from the Mid 20th Century. Unusual gothic/armourial style with two arms and lamps, hung pendalogues and a central clear sphere. ...[full details]
Dimensions: Height - 12inches Depth - 7 inches Width - 12 inches
GIL Ref: 0415   Price: £245
Sourced from France and beautifully proportioned, Each has a single arm with daisy rosettes, pendalogues and a glass bobeche. There are two further pendalogue sets at the crown and mid tier level. ...[full details]
Dimensions: Height 16 inches - Width 8 inches - Depth 8 inches
GIL Ref: 0407   Price: £295
A very stylish pair of twin armed wall sconces, with daisy beaded rosettes and pendalogues to each arm. This set also features coffin drop wings to each bobeche with a final flourish of a four branch pendalogue set above the arms and above upwards from the baseplate. ...[full details]
Dimensions: Height - 14 inches Width - 13 inches Depth - 7 inches
GIL Ref: 0408   Price: £345
Simple petite 3 Lamp French stem chandelier dating from around 1930/40. With fluted glass stem breaks highlighted by mid and crown tiers dressed with the original rosettes and flat pendalogues. Beautifully finished with a clear glass sphere underneath.

Completely overhauled and tested. ...[full details]
Dimensions: Diameter 16 inches - Height 20.75 inches - With chain and Rose 36.75 inches
GIL Ref: 0427   Price: £385
This is a super French three arm wall sconce, with very pretty beaded daisy rosettes supporting the large and small pendalogues. There is a poignard at the crown and a clear sphere slung underneath.

This rare piece is essentially a wall chandelier, originally electrified, we have removed the ele ...[full details]
Dimensions: Height 19 inches - Width 12 inches
GIL Ref: 0414   Price: £435
A Simple yet elegant French silvered-bronze short stem 4 lamp chandelier dating from the 1940’s. Dressed with kite drops, flat pendalogues and coffin drops, the two stem breaks separate two tiers of droplets. ...[full details]
Dimensions: Height 19 inches (excluding chain and rose) Width 18 inches
GIL Ref: 0405   Price: £465
Circa 1960.This is an extremely pretty five lamp scrolled cage chandelier with beaded festoons and faceted pear droplets with a clear ball underslung. ...[full details]
Dimensions: Approx size: Height: 20 inches Width 18 inches (excluding chain and original ceiling rose).
GIL Ref: 0402   Price: £585
Dating from the early 1930’s this is another extremely appealing and petite French Chandelier. With six lamps and a fluted glass stem with two tier rings of droplets.

A dazzlingly pretty and very delicate chandelier. ...[full details]
Dimensions: Height 22 inches - Diameter 16 inches (excluding ceiling rose and chain)
GIL Ref: 0411   Price: £685
Sourced in France, there are five housed in crossed cut lead crystal bobeches, beaded clear glass sphere both inside and underneath. The whole is crowned with a cut glass stem break and cross cut bobech. Finished with button and faceted pear droplets. Fully restored to include re-lacing to the arms, ...[full details]
Dimensions: approx size- height 24" by 24" diameter (excluding chain and ceiling rose)
GIL Ref: 0323   Price: £675
Circa 1950, A very fine and nicely proportioned chandelier, of traditional shape and style. The stem, crown dome and bobeches are cut crystal glass as are the festoons and faceted drops. ...[full details]
Dimensions: Height 27 inches - Diameter 22 inches
GIL Ref: 0410   Price: £725
Dating from the early 20th Century, This is a superb example of a classic French chandelier, dressed with an abundance of rossette mounted pendalogues and bobeched candle lamp holders. With a mid and crown tier displayed from the fluted glass stem breaks.

...[full details]
Dimensions: Diameter 14 inches - Height 23 Inches - Height with Chain and Rose 39 inches
GIL Ref: 0429   Price: £745
A simply wonderful, completely original, French 5 arm cage chandelier dating from around 1940/50. It has a fluted crown break with scrolling to the frame which houses an abundance pendalogues.

An original ball sits above a droplet fountain and a larger clear ball sits underneath. Perfectly resto ...[full details]
Dimensions: Diameter 17 inches - Height 21 Inches - Height with Chain and Rose 31 inches
GIL Ref: 0426   Price: £725.00
A lead glass Marie Theresa Chandelier circa 1950. Very sparkly with high quality faceted droplets and pendalogues throughout. Unusually this chandelier retains its original matching glass clad ceiling rose. It has been fully overhauled to include re-lacing of the arms and rewir ...[full details]
Dimensions: Height 19 inches - Width 22 inches (excluding chain and ceiling rose)
GIL Ref: 0404   Price: £735
A nicely proportioned chandelier with two tiers of glass drops, ribbed and tapered stem breaks and six arms with swirled bobeches. The arms and tiers are dressed with polished pendalogues. Finished with a clear sphere underneath. ...[full details]
Dimensions: Height 26 inches width - 16 inches (excluding chain and ceiling rose)
GIL Ref: 0406   Price: £745
Dating from the mid 20th Century this chandelier is wonderfully detailed with an internal waterfall of pendalogues with clear spheres both inside and out. As with all of our chandeliers in on display in the showroom it has been professionally rewired and tested. ...[full details]
Dimensions: Height - 20 inches {28.5 with chain and rose} Diameter - 17 inches
GIL Ref: 0451   Price: £875+
"Swan Neck" Theresa Chandelier. Sourced in france, it has eight glass clad arms and lamps housed in cut bobeches with acut glass stem break. Decorated with button, double bevelled, polished penalogues, and button faceted pear droplets; finshed with a large faceted ball underneath. Professi ...[full details]
Dimensions: the height is approx 600mm and the diameter approx 720mm (excluding chain and ceiling rose)
GIL Ref: 0324   Price: £895
A very Elegant French Six Lamp Festooned Longstem Chandelier. 

Dating from around the Mid 20th Cent. This is an extremely appealing piece, with an abundance of festoons to the bobeches from all directions. Finished with an underslung stem break and larg ...[full details]
Dimensions: Height 27 inches (excluding chain & rose) Width 21 inches
GIL Ref: 0370   Price: £895
A highly decorative ten arm chandelier with beaded coffin drops and angel pendalogues. Quite beautiful.

We are very lucky to have at least five antique chandeliers illuminating our Dartington showroom. All of our chandeliers are professionally cleaned/restored by an expert.

This French chande ...[full details]
Dimensions: Height 24 inches Diameter 25 inches
GIL Ref: 0310   Price: £925
Another truly stunning chandelier. Beautifully proportioned with over ninety crystals with festoons draped around the delicate frame. Decorated with an internal spire, clear spheres inside and underneath.

All of our Chandeliers are electrically tested and in perfect condition.

For those who a ...[full details]
Dimensions: Height 26 inches Diameter 26 inches
GIL Ref: 0381   Price: £1125
Dating from around 1910. This is a stunning crowned, antique six arm chandelier with a lovely patenised bronze frame adorned with polished flat crystal pendalogues, glass spheres and coffin drops.

We are very lucky to have at least five antique chandeliers lighting our showroom. All of our chand ...[full details]
Dimensions: Height 23 inches Diameter 21 inches
GIL Ref: 0309   Price: £1125
A very stylish silver chandelier, dating from the early part of the 20th century.

This beautiful chandelier features large bead and fluted stem breaks with four stem ring tiers. Dressed with finely polished pendalogues and an under-slung fluted stem break with a large crystal ball. Again the pho ...[full details]
Dimensions: Height 34 inches Diameter 24 inches
GIL Ref: 0307   Price: £1175
A very beautiful French 6 lamp Chained Cage Chandelier. The bronze frame comprises a a scrolled cage with onrnate cast chains attached to the crown ring. This eye-catching piece is dressed with half clear pear and large coffin drops, together with elongated clear bead festoons. It also has clear sp ...[full details]
Dimensions: Height 32 inches Width 18 inches
GIL Ref: 0362   Price: £1475
A sumptuous French six lamp/arm tiered longstem from around 1900, possibly earlier. Most likely a candelabra in its former years and converted perhaps, in the 1920’s. Retaining original pendalogues and stem brakes, this a truly amazing piece has a large hollow cut ball underneath. The scrolle ...[full details]
Dimensions: Height 29 inches Diameter 19inches
GIL Ref: 0354   Price: £1680
This beautifully proportioned chandelier has six arms and lamps, with two festooned tiers separated by fluted glass stem breaks; the festoons run both from the top of the chandelier and between the arms.

With too many button drops to count this stunning chandelier is finished with firey slab drop ...[full details]
Dimensions: Height (without chain and original ceiling rose) is 31 inches and the width 20 inches
GIL Ref: 0443   Price: £1895
A truly stunning chandelier.
This is a fabulous piece with 4 spires to the crown and 4 larger spires between the lamps. There are 8 lamps arranged in pairs and a further lamp inside the cage. The diameter is 19 inches and the chandelier height is 36.5 inches (without chain and ceiling hook)

Fu ...[full details]
Dimensions: Height 36.5 inches - Width 19 inches
GIL Ref: 0461   Price: £2165
We believe this stunning French Cage Chandelier dates from the 1890’s, possibly earlier.
This is an extremely elegant chandelier that typifies the french chandelier makers of the time in both design and appeal. ...[full details]
Dimensions: Height 37"(excluding chain and added ceiling rose ) and width 20".
GIL Ref: 0378   Price: £2675
This stunning chandelier has six peripheral lamps are arranged in pairs separated by three poignards (daggers), with a central poignard and clear sphere inside the ornate and wonderfully patinated bronze frame.
The whole chandelier is largely adorned with slab pendalogues symmetrically highlighted ...[full details]
Dimensions: Height 37 inches (without chain and rose) Width 21 inches
GIL Ref: 0442   Price: £3195
 A rare and very stunning pair of antique Mid 19th Century French Grande Eglise Chandeliers that were originally candelabra.

Our understanding is that they were purchased in Northern France by an English nobleman in the late 1950’s and hung in his Stately Home for some 40 year ...[full details]
Dimensions: Height 100 cm - Diameter - 65 Cm
GIL Ref: 0430   Price: £POA

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